How we work

The 506 Investor Group is a private and confidential group for passive accredited investors.

How we work:

Step 1. Register at

Step 2. Agree to our Terms and conditions

Step 3. If approved, you will be required to watch a 10 minute video on how we operate

Step 4. Once approved, you will be added to the private 506 Google Groups and granted access to the 506 Investor forum

Step 5. To maintain your membership, you must refrain from any self promotion and be respectful of fellow members

All deal flow comes from 506 members.  All due diligence is performed by members.  We do not accept emails or phone calls from sponsors.  The 506 Group finds sponsors, they do not find us. The founder is not a self proclaimed investment guru. The founder does not research, recommend, write up or present any deal flow. The purpose of the 506 Group is not to funnel members into club feeder funds to enrich the founder with guaranteed annual fees.

The purpose of the 506 Investor Group is to share deal flow across a vast array of alternative investments, perform group due diligence and negotiate better terms for the benefit of our accredited members.