We made a conscious decision not to charge a monthly or yearly membership for the 506 Group or CrowdDD. However, some members have reached out wanting to know how they could support our efforts. A monthly voluntary and anonymous donation via Patreon seems to be a great solution.  We do not expect members to donate, but we very much appreciate the members that will.

Besides the time and effort needed to maintain and grow our group, your donations will help cover our operational cost which include:

1. Hosting cost
2. Developers for both CrowdDD.com and 506InvestorGroup.com
3. Webinar subscription fees
4. Background checks on potential Sponsors
5. Legal fees to keep our group compliant

Here are some of the out of pocket expenses for this year:

Legal – $9500

Programmer – $6000

Web Hosting dedicated server – $4200

GotoWebinar Account – $432

Time – $priceless

Thanks for your support. This is 100% voluntary and only for members they believe in the value that the group brings to the investor.