The purpose of our online investment group is to form a community for accredited investors that discuss and share due diligence primarily on alternative investments that include real estate. private equity, venture capital, legal settlement, life settlement, royalties & distressed debt. We use a private and confidential forum to share information and this web site to organize our user generated content. We collaborate, but each member makes his own independent investment decisions.    We have a very diverse membership with members from almost every state and some international members. We are doctors, lawyers, engineers, full time investors, business executives and everything in between. We believe the wisdom of the crowd will uncover the best risk adjusted investments for our portfolios.

The 506 Investor Group now has over 3200 members. We have invested $1.26 billion in deals that the 506 group has negotiated improved terms exclusively for 506 members. We have invested over $100 million each in 5 alternative investment sponsors. As a group, our net worth is over $14.8 Billion and we have invested over $3.5 billion in either syndicated or crowdfunded real estate deals. The group saved over $12,675,000 in upfront fees on a single investment where we negotiated special terms. The group’s goal is to research and discover high risk adjusted returns with quality sponsors.  We also strive to use our group’s buying power to negotiate lower fees and better terms for our members.  We recently surpassed the 1/2 billion dollar mark in direct investments  with sponsors we exclusively negotiated lower fees and promote.

We were founded in 2015 and we are the original online investment group exclusively for accredited investors and qualified purchases. Our mission is to share deal flow and due diligence on alternative investments. Unlike our copy cat competitors (former members that borrowed our concept, structure and deal flow) we do not troll other groups of clubs to steal their deal flow and cold call  sponsors.  We do not accept emails or calls from sponsors and we do not seek or research high minimum deals to form 1% fee club feeder funds. 100% of our deal flow comes from our members and 0% from the group’s founder.

The 506 Investor Group unique content:

1.  Unique deal flow and private discussion and shared due diligence of alternative and syndicated investments

2. Exclusive special terms on select crowdfunding investments that include lower fees, lower minimums and investor friendly promotes

3.  Breakdown of fees by investments with comparisons to investments in the same asset classes

4. Local meetups with fellow 506 Investor members throughout the United States

5.  User generated list of investments and platforms that have lost investor capital.  ie Sponsors and platforms that should be avoided!

6. List of trending investments and deals that 506 members and invested over $5 million

7. Exclusive Webinars with sponsors and platforms

8. Exclusive shared due diligence questionnaires that sponsors submit to our group

9. Exclusive Investment tracking software

How are we different from other online investment groups/clubs?

We are the original!  Established in 2015, 8+ former members have borrowed our concept, resources, members and deal flow to start their own version of the 506 Investor Group.

The founder of the the 506 group does not introduce deals to the group.  All deal flow comes from members and none from the founder.  The founder does not seek & research high minimum investments and write long marketing reports in order to form 1% annual fee “club” feeder funds.  We do not answer email or phone calls from any sponsor that was not first introduced by members.  We do not cold call sponsors that are discussed on other groups. 

We average 2 SPV’s a year and all underlying fund ideas come from members and they vote and decide when an spv is formed.  The 506 spv never takes a penny of its 5% carry unless its members get back 100% of their investment.  506 members interest are 100% aligned with the SPV.  The SPV does not siphon off a 1% fee every year regardless of the fund’s performance.

The founder has invested in over 160 deals discussed at the 506 group with the same terms as its members and those investment are posted in real time.